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Species and Run-Dates

Species and Run Dates

When is the best time to come to Alaska to go fishing?  The answer depends on whether you are an ocean or stream fisherman and what species of fish you choose to target.  For a quick reference look at the graph below for approximate run dates.  Run dates vary from year to year but provide what to expect on average.

Ocean Fishing

Here at Southeast Retreat you can target any species of fish—but owner Jeff Larson is most known for his expertise catching Chinook, “King Salmon”.  He has been fishing king salmon for over twenty years and has become quite an expert.  The winning king salmon in the Prince of Wales Island has been caught abourd our boats three different years.  Derby winners range from the high fifties to the low seventies and are certainly the thrill of a lifetime!

We start fishing for kings in early to mid June through early to mid August, with the peak of the season typically in early July. Along with kings, our anglers also pick up the smaller but feisty fighting silver salmon.  While king salmon fight long and hard trying to escape capture, the bright silver salmon typically swim towards the boat before jumping and flipping out of the water trying to shake the hook.  Silvers begin showing up in early July and are caught throughout August and early September.  Halibut, cod, sea bass and other bottom feeders are caught throughout the entire fishing season, June through August.  They are not migratory fish like salmon.

River Fishing

River fishing kicks off in late April with steelhead and trout. Steelhead is a more elusive fish. The state's regulations require catch and release. In addition, artificial lures and flies with barbless hooks are regulated to maintain the wild run.      Sockeye salmon are next in the streams in late June. They are the most difficult variety of salmon to get to bite. Our guides can show you some of the lures and flies that will tempt the sockeye into bighting. 
            There are two main runs of silvers into the streams. The first and smaller of the two runs is in July, and the second and biggest run begins in mid to late August and lasts into October. With a daily limit of six silvers, your fish box is sure to fill up quickly.

Approximate Run Dates

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