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South East Retreat Lodge is located on the west coast of Prince of Whales Island in the South East Panhandle of Alaska.   Once your jet lands at the Ketchikan International Airport, Package Guests will take a short 30-minute flight aboard Island Air Express on a Cessna “850” Amphibious Caravan, directly from the airport in Ketchikan to the smaller airport in Klawock on Prince of Wales Island.  You will be picked up and driven to the lodge, only 15 minutes away. 

Our Self Guided Guests book their own transportation to the Island and are also picked up and driven to the lodge.  You can arrive by wheel plane, float plane of the ferry that runs daily leaving Ketchikan at 3:30 p.m. Guests who take the IFA ferry into Hollis will be charged a $20 pick up and/or drop off fee.  Hollis is 45 minutes from the lodge.  If you need assistance, please call, or use the links below to make your reservation from Ketchikan to Prince of Wales Island.

The map below shows Southeast Alaska.  The red star marks our location on Prince of Wales Island.  Ketchikan is just to the right across Clarence Strait, approximately 30 air miles away.  Prince of Whales Island is the third largest island in the United States.  It is covered mostly in timber, part of the nearly 17 million acres that make up the Tongass National Forest, (a rain forest). We get over 150 inches of rain per year, which provides a lush, green canopy to explore.

We are located approximately five miles outside of Klawock on the edge of Big Salt Lake and the bay. Ten miles down the road is Craig, the largest town on Prince of Wales Island, where you can stop for souvenirs, a latte and shopping.  If you drive to the north end of the island and visit El Capitan, you can tour the El Capitan Caves, some of the deepest in the United States.  There are also trails that take you up into the alpine, abundant wildlife and photographic scenary. The spectacular scenery is second only to the fantastic fishing!

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